Ever since I saw the very first web browser by Tim Berners-Lee I’ve been fascinated by the web. I love web standards and open source. Currently I run HTML5test.com, created WhichBrowser and I regularly speak at conferences. I am also chairman of the Fronteers Conference committee. Follow me on Twitter at @html5test.

Upcoming talks

JavaScript on Microcontrollers

Build your own lightbulb or remote controlled car using JavaScript and control it from the browser.


An Introduction To WebBluetooth

With Progressive Web Apps, you can now use the web to build full-blown apps. Thanks to an enormous amount of new specifications and features, we can do things with the web that you used to need to write native apps for. However, talking to hardware devices was still a bridge too far up till now. […]

The case for console.hex()

What was a major annoyance during the development and especially the debugging of my WebBluetooth demos has now turned into a real proposal to extend the console API in the developer tools for all browsers. It is still early, so this may never really happen, but so far the response has been fantastic.

Complete and utter demo failure

Last Friday was a bit unreal. I find myself on stage at HalfStack talking about WebBluetooth. A couple hundred people look at me and listen to me. When it’s time to show some really cool demos, I explain that this is experimental technology and may not work. No, I explain, it will probably not work. […]