Ever since I saw the very first web browser by Tim Berners-Lee I’ve been fascinated by the web. I love web standards and open source. Currently I run HTML5test.com, created WhichBrowser and I regularly speak at conferences. I am also chairman of the Fronteers Conference committee. Follow me on Twitter at @html5test.

Upcoming talks

With the pandemic and all I have no talks scheduled at the moment. Maybe when things are back to normal again.


Hardware and the web: the balance between usefulness, security and privacy

About a year ago, Apple released a list of Web API’s they were not going to implement in Safari due to privacy and security issues. They worried that these API’s were going to allow fingerprinting and tracking of users. And that is, of course, a big privacy no-no. Sounds reasonable, right?  But what kinds of […]

Chrome is the new Safari. And so are Edge and Firefox.

If you go to the App Store on your iPhone, there are many browsers to choose from. And with the latest version of iOS, you can even set these browsers as the default browser. So why are some people complaining about browser choice on iOS? You may not realise that all browsers on iOS are […]

Why Electron apps are fine

It is not difficult to find some incredibly shitty takes on Electron, and every time it boils down to: It’s slow. Downloads are huge, and it uses a lot of memory. Electron apps are just websites. Developers that are using Electron are taking the lazy or easy approach to cross-platform development. Native apps are just […]