Red flag: Speakers having to cover their own travel

The Modern FrontEnds conference was held last week in London. It wasn’t a small conference, as the website touts over 100 speakers and more than 3000 developers attending. Not only that, the conference had some big sponsors and a hefty ticket price.  But before the conference even began, I heard about some serious issues with […]

Using the Apple Studio Display on a Windows machine

I bought an Apple Studio Display. But unlike most people, I intend to use it for my Windows machine, which does not make much sense but hear me out. I run Mac and Windows because I develop software for both Mac and Windows and am currently using an ageing iMac Pro and a pretty good […]

Why Safari does not need any protection from Chromium

Lately, web developers have begun to question Apple’s monopoly over browser rendering engines on iOS. The App Store rules force browsers on iOS to use the same rendering engine as Safari instead of using their own, as they do on every other platform, including macOS. I’ve written about this before and why this is a […]